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HotRod and OPP and MPF

23 Sep 2018 - jab

What happened to HotRod and OPP? How does that affect MPF?

Jeremy, one of our OPP users, build a very cool EM machine based on OPP and MPF. Unfortunately, he experienced multiple issues as highlighted in HotRod and OPP.. what happened?. OPP is an open hardware project run by one main contributor (Hugh) which could not solve all issues instantaneously. Since Jeremy could not wait, he switched his machine to another hardware platform.

But we are all still friends and try to improve things for future builders. While Hugh improves the hardware side of things we focus on the software side (which is the OPP platform in MPF). One of the resulting changes will land in 0.51 and might be backported to 0.50 if there is demand.

We support a lot of hardware platforms and try to fix all issues. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a while for us to reproduce them and we also need to find some spare time to implement the fix. So bare with us and help us to reproduce (and/or fix those issues).

Did we forget anything? Please let us know. Discussions in MPF-Users.