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Looking for a Max OS X maintainer

25 Jan 2019 - jab

Are you on a Mac? Do you want to help with packaging and shipping our Mac builds for fellow users?

With the recent Kivy (our media library) update things got a bit messy on with our current way of installing MPF. Some of our forum users found working workarounds but nobody in the current dev team is on a Mac to verify and polish them. We need some help to properly document and test the installation way. Furthermore, we need to adjust our build server to test the installation to ensure that we will not break it accidentally. No worries if you do not know about build server - we can help with that. All you need to have is some understanding about Python, a Mac and some time (one to two hours per week). Interested? Get in touch in the MPF-Users forum.

MPF is a project driven entirely by volunteers. If you check the stats you can see that there are a few core contributors (hundreds of commits) and a lot of very causual committers (one to ten commits). Any contributions are welcome!

Did we forget anything? Please let us know! Discussions in MPF-Users.