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Python 3.7 Support in MPF 0.52

25 Jan 2019 - jab

We recently added Python 3.7 Support to MPF.

With the next release we will deprecate Python 3.4 because it keeps us from using some of the newer asyncio APIs. Additionally, with Python 3.8 we have to remove 3.4 support since those the old APIs will be removed. Good thing is that MPF only got faster with every release and there is no good reason to use Python 3.4 anymore. Ubuntu 14.04 was the last major Linux distribution which shipped it and it is going out of long-time support in April (that is also only for the server version and not the desktop/embedded version). That said, the next Debain release will ship 3.7 and you can also download it on Windows or Mac. However, don’t do that just know unless you want to use the dev version of MPF. Python 3.7 support will be available in the next MPF 0.52 release.

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