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MPF 0.53 has been released

11 Jan 2020 - jab

Today, we release MPF 0.53 as a maintainance release to 0.52. 0.51 users should be able to upgrade with small or no changes to their config. This post only mentions some highlights and you can alternatively read the full release notes in the MPF docs.

Breaking changes in config

Breaking changes in custom code

Python 3.4 support dropped

MPF 0.53 no longer supports Python 3.4 because most of our dependencies dropped support for 3.4.

Tested documentation

Documentation snippets are automatically tested now. They generally do not crash MPF and we also show you the test case to see what else is tested. See our blog post about tested examples for details.

VPX Support

You can test your game with VPX as hardware platform. See our blog post about VPX for details.

IDE Support

To increase developer productivity with MPF we created a MPF language server which works with multiple IDEs such as VSCode, IntelliJ, Emacs and many more. See the MPF language server repo for details. We will create more documentation and blog posts about this soon.


Some areas received polishing:

New Hardware Support

A few new hardware platforms are supported in 0.53:

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade, use pip:

pip3 uninstall kivy.deps.sdl2 kivy.deps.sdl2_dev kivy.deps.glew kivy.deps.gstreamer kivy.deps.glew-dev
pip3 install --upgrade mpf mpf-mc mpf-monitor


We extended the documentation. The config reference for almost all devices has been completed. We added a section about game design and how to lay out your modes. We documented common modes based on questions in our forum. Please ask there if you are missing anything.