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This Month in MPF February 2020

28 Feb 2020 - jab

What happened in MPF-land in February 2020? This post will highlight changes in MPF, MPF-MC, MPF monitor, documentation and the rest of the ecosystem.

MPF Projects

We collect a list of active publicly documented projects by MPF users. Some new projects which joined the list this month:

We know that there are a lot more projects. Let us know if you want to be listed here as well (it does not matter in which stage your project is). If we got anthing wrong or your project has been finished in the meantime please tell us as well and we will update your entry.

0.53 release

We released MPF 0.53.2 and MPF-MC 0.53.1.


Dev release (future 0.54)

We pushed MPF 0.54.0-dev.7 and MPF-MC 0.54.0-dev.2.

Changes/New features



Have a look at the dev documentation. Do you have an example which is missing there? Please send it to us!

Open PRs/Not landed yet

Upcoming changes

Do you want to contribute?

A list of things where we would love contributions (not exclusive):

Other contributions are welcome as well. Those are meant as starting point. Let us know in the forum if you want to work on something or got questions.

New contributors

Welcome jherrm, enteryourinitials and AdrianD72.

Did we forget anything? Please let us know! Discussions in MPF-Users.