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Error Codes and Knowledgebase with Common Pitfalls and Solution

11 Apr 2020 - jab

Nobody likes error messages and we want to help you to get rid of them as fast as possible. For that reason, we added an error code and a link in 0.53. We now started to write documentation for common errors (based on reports in our forum).

If you see something like this:

mpf.exceptions.config_file_error.ConfigFileError: Config File Error in ConfigValidator: Config validation error: Entry system11:system11:ac_relay_driver = "c_acSelect" is not valid. Device c_acSelect of type coils not defined Error Code: CFE-ConfigValidator-6 (
2020-04-11 13:37:13,337 : INFO : root : MPF run loop ended. 

Then you got successfully found error CFE-ConfigValidator-6. If you want to get rid of it (in case the error itself is not clear) we added a page for that in the docs. We documented what the cause of this error is and what common pitfalls are which might cause this error.

There are even more documented errors in the docs. Have a look and let us know in the forum if we missed a common pitfall somewhere (contributions welcome as usual).

Did we forget anything? Please let us know! Discussions in MPF-Users.