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Emulating Segment Displays in MPF-MC using a Glow Effect Shader

19 Apr 2020 - jab

Do you want realistically looking segment displays on an LCD using MPF-MC? Then this post is for you!

Sean has been working recently on emulating a segment display for his game. It needed a glowing type of shader effect in order to achieve a convincing result so he decided to add one to his local copy of MPF-MC. As it turned out really great and it looked really awesome he posted a Pull Request others might use it as well. This PR contains a general effect, so if you who want to emulate a segment display as he did you also have to set up the fonts and such using widgets in your game. He also added documentation for the shader.

Without the effect:


With the effect:


Thank for your Sean for this great addition! In the future we hope to turn this into a very easy to use “virtual segment display” similar to virtual DMDs in MPF-MC.

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