The Mission Pinball Framework

Software for powering real pinball machines. 100% free. 100% open source.

Streaming and Videos about the Mission Pinball Framework

13 May 2021 - jab

We recently started to stream about MPF on Twitch. All videos are also archived on YouTube.

Sometimes it is easier to understand topics when actually playing with hardware. Also, we like to interact with you guys and questions/remarks are always very helpful for us to understand how you are using MPF. For that reason, we started to stream about certain topics in MPF. We showcase all kinds of supported hardware (if I got it lying around). This way you can get an idea about it before buying it. Additionally, we will talk about how to approach certain task when designing and implementing your game.

Your can find the list of topics in the forum. Our stream will be around an hour and happen on this twitch channel. After the stream we archive videos on Youtube. If you are interested please follow and subscribe.

If you got ideas for topics we should cover please let us know in the forum. We got a list of ideas but more is always welcome.

Did we forget anything? Please let us know! Discussions in MPF-Users.