The Mission Pinball Framework

Software for powering real pinball machines. 100% free. 100% open source.

The Mission Pinball Framework is being built by pinball-loving volunteers who are building, maintaining, and supporting MPF in their spare time. Everything we build is completely free & open source, even for commercial use. We do it for the love of pinball!

Core developers

Want to help out? We'd love it! Reach out to us in the MPF Users Google Group, or read our Contributor's Guide. Even if you're not a coder, we'd love help with docs, how to guides, and proofreading!


Want to help us to promote MPF? You can use the following materials:

Podcast: Learn about MPF on the Boom Go Pinball Podcast

In April 2016, MPF developer Brian Madden spent 3 hours talking to Adam Godfrey on the Boom Go Pinball Podcast about the Mission Pinball Framework. They talked about:

Adam broke the conversation into three separate episodes:

Video: Building Custom Pinball Machines

MPF developer Jan Kantert gave this presentation at the Chaos Communication Congress in December 2017. You can watch the video here, or visit the original page to download it (including audio-only versions).