The Mission Pinball Framework

Software for powering real pinball machines. 100% free. 100% open source.


Modern hardware platform with multiple node boards.

ManufacturerFAST Pinball
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Projects using FAST

  • Baby Pacman Re-Theme by snowy_owl
  • The Binding of Isaac by Jordy de Lat
  • Brooks and Dunn (BnD) by Gabe Knuth and Brian Madden
  • Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Pinball (BBTH) by Prospekteur
  • The Crazy Mansion by The Pinball Amigos
  • Daftpunk by Gavin Guest
  • The Fight Club by Mbecker
  • Good vs Evil - Head2Head Pinball (GVE) by K&K Pinball
  • Holopin by matthies
  • Hyperdrive by matthies
  • Karken by matthies
  • The Last Starfighter by Pinteresting
  • Mass Effect by Anthony van Winkle
  • Metroid by Mark Seiden
  • Mindcrime by Jamie Boyd
  • The Minions Pinball by The Pinball Amigos
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) by Mark Incitti
  • Overcooked by Gavin Guest
  • Peanuts by FAST Pinball
  • Proto1 by Mike O'Rourke
  • RollrGirlz by Brian Cox
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball by McSquid
  • Spaceballs - The Pin by Wolfmarsh
  • Steampunk Royale by Brian Cox
  • Supernatural by Wolfmarsh
  • Tattoo Mystique by Brian Cox
  • Taxi Rewrite by Pin Jacks
  • Zaccaria Combat Conversion by Pinball Plaid and unRARed
  • Zelda by wildertronix
  • Zimball by homechicken
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