The Mission Pinball Framework

Software for powering real pinball machines. 100% free. 100% open source.


Modern hardware platform with multiple node boards.

Links Documentation

Projects using P3-Roc

  • Apollo 11 Landing on the Moon by JLay
  • Archer by Kevin Kelm
  • Attack From Mars From Scratch by WizardPinball
  • Phoenix Retheme - The Black Hole by Kayden and Olivia
  • Celts by Haggis Pinball
  • Cthulhu - Attack on Arkham by rampantslug
  • Dead Flip Pin by deadflip
  • Deep Blue Rage by stefanmader
  • DEVO Pinball by Sean Irby
  • Greek Gods by Coleman
  • Haunted House Remake by Siegecraft
  • Gottliebs HotRod by jwilson
  • Joust Remake by Adrian DeGroot
  • Legends of Camelot by Matt Irwin and kids
  • Pincraft by MythPinball
  • Polyjuice Pinball by johnndeanna
  • Quidditch by Cotton
  • Tron 1982 by WizardPinball
  • Who Finds a Friend by sztupakcsaba
  • Wraith by Haggis Pinball
  • Yucatan by stefanmader
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