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All about MPF

The Mission Pinball Framework is an open source project originally started by Brian Madden in 2014. (Here's the original Pinside post announcing the project and vision)

The project has pretty much grown into exactly what the initial vision was, supporting just about every pinball hardware platform out there, and allowing people to create high-quality and full-featured pinball machine software without having to "reinvent the wheel" to build everything from scratch.

MPF is what it is today due to the efforts of many people. We owe special shout outs to Jan Kantert who ran the whole project from 2017-2022, and Quinn Capen who did a lot of the Media Controller and wrote the custom sound engine.

MPF has been used in hundreds of pinball machine showcase (mostly homebrew, though a few commercial machines run it.) See the showcase page for a partial list of projects running MPF, and add yours if it's not there!

MPF is currently fairly stable, as much of the "hard work" is done. The most important thing to know about MPF is that it's not owned or controlled by anyone. Everyone involved is doing it in their spare time as volunteers. There is no official support, though there are some community forums where people gather to try to help each other.

Happy Pinball Building!

More about MPF

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