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FAQ: Building your game

Where do I get help building my machine?

If you're looking for information about physically building your machine, check out the website.

I want to do something that's not in MPF. Now what?


First, you can check out the list of new features that we're tracking.

If you see your feature there, you can click on it and then click the "Subscribe" button to receive email notifications of progress or when it's been added.

You can also read our MPF Road Map, Vision & Future for an idea of our longer-term plans for MPF.

If you still don't see your idea, of you'd like to talk about it or ask questions, feel free to post a message to the a forum.

Something missing or wrong? You can fix it!

This website is edited by people like you! Is something wrong or missing? Is something out of date, or can you explain it better?

Please help us! You can fix it yourself and be an official "open source" contributor!

It's easy! See our Beginner's guide to editing the docs.

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