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Points Widget

The points widget is used to draw points (individual square points) on a slide.

Here's an example:

      - type: points
        points: 50, 50, 75, 50, 100, 50
        pointsize: 2
        color: lime
      - type: points
        points: 400, 300
        pointsize: 3
        color: pink

Which results in the following:



type: points


Points widgets also have "common" widget settings for position, opacity, animations, color, style, etc. Those are not listed here, but are instead covered in common widget settings page.

Also remember that all widget settings can be controlled via widget styles, rather than you having to set every setting on every widget.

The following points widget settings may be animated: color:, points:, pointsize:, opacity:, rotation:, and scale:.

type: points


A list of the x,y coordinates of pairs of points.


Floating-point number, default is 1.0.

The distance from the center of the point to the edge, so a value of 1.0 makes a point that's two pixels wide. (This is kind of like the radius, though points are square so it's not technically the radius. Probably there's some fancy math name for it.)

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