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Tilt Bob

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TODO: Add a picture of a tilt bob

The tilt bob is a plumb pop centered in a metal ring which acts as a switch. On movement the switch closes which usually triggers a tilt warning.

You can configure it just like a mechanical switch. In addition you want to add the tilt_warning tag and add the built-in tilt mode in the list of your modes.

This is an example:

  - tilt
    number: 23    # number depends on your platform
    tags: tilt_warning

Part numbers:

  • A-15361 or 04-10346 (Williams/Bally)
  • 500-5023-00 (Stern)
  • A-205-1 (Chicago Coin/early Stern)
  • 95-0328-00 or PLABS (Bally/Capcom)

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