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This is a config file reference. Click for instructions.

This page is reference material which explains every setting and option for this section of an MPF yaml config file. See the instructions for config files for formatting and other details. See our guide to config file examples for more examples of real configs in action.

Valid in
machine config files YES ✅
mode config files YES ✅

Once you've configured your individual drop targets, you group them together into banks via the drop_target_banks: section of your config file. Here's an example from Judge Dredd:

#! switches:
#!   drop_target_j:
#!     number:
#!   drop_target_u:
#!     number:
#!   drop_target_d:
#!     number:
#!   drop_target_g:
#!     number:
#!   drop_target_e:
#!     number:
#! coils:
#!   reset_drop_targets:
#!     number:
#!   trip_drop_target_d:
#!     number:
#! drop_targets:
#!   j:
#!     switch: drop_target_j
#!     reset_coil: reset_drop_targets
#!   u:
#!     switch: drop_target_u
#!     reset_coil: reset_drop_targets
#!   d:
#!     switch: drop_target_d
#!     reset_coil: reset_drop_targets
#!     knockdown_coil: trip_drop_target_d
#!   g:
#!     switch: drop_target_g
#!     reset_coil: reset_drop_targets
#!   e:
#!     switch: drop_target_e
#!     reset_coil: reset_drop_targets
    drop_targets: j, u, d, g, e
    reset_coils: reset_drop_targets
    reset_on_complete: 1s

Notice there are no settings to control lights associated with drop targets, but many machines (like Judge Dredd used in the example) have lights for each drop target. To control those lights, you'd create shots based on the lights and switches for each drop target, and then you control them just like any other shot with the shot settings, shot_group settings, and shot profiles. In this case you'd end up specifying your switch for this drop target as well as for a shot for it. It's ok to have the same switch in both places.

Create a subsection under drop_target_banks: for each bank of drop targets you have. The name of each section is the name you'll refer to the drop target as in your game code. ("judge", in this example.)

Required settings

The following sections are required in the drop_target_banks: section of your config:


List of one (or more) values, each is a type: string name of a drop_targets: device. Defaults to empty.

A list of the names of the individual drop targets (from the names you chose in the drop_targets: section of your config file) that are included in this bank. Note that single drop target devices can be members of multiple banks at the same time. For example, you might have two banks of three drop targets, from which you could actually actually three drop target banks. One for the first three, one for the second three, and one for all six. Then you could track separate up and down events for a subset of three or for all six getting knocked down.

Optional settings

The following sections are optional in the drop_target_banks: section of your config. (If you don't include them, the default will be used).


Single value, type: time string (ms) (Instructions for entering time strings). Default: 500ms

How long this device should ignore switch changes while ball search is running. (Otherwise the ball search pulsing coils will set switches that could add to the score, start modes, etc.


Single value, type: integer. Defaults to empty.

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Single value, type: string name of a coils: device. Defaults to empty.

The name of the coil that is fired to reset this bank of drop targets.


Single value, type: time string (ms) (Instructions for entering time strings). Default: 100ms

Max time allowed to delay the pulse of the reset coil. This is used to prevent excess power usage. See /mechs/targets/drop_targets/drop_target_bank for details.


List of one (or more) values, each is a type: string name of a coils: device. Defaults to empty.

If your drop target bank has two reset coils (as was common in older machines which huge banks of drop targets), you can add a reset_coils section (plural) and then specific a list of multiple coils. In this case, MPF will pulse all the coils at the same time to reset the bank of drop targets.


List of one (or more) device control events (Instructions for entering device control events). Default: machine_reset_phase_3, ball_starting

Resets this drop target bank by pulsing this bank's reset_coil or reset_coils.


Single value, type: time string (ms) (Instructions for entering time strings). Defaults to empty.

By default, when a drop target bank completes, it does not automatically reset. If you want it to reset, then use this setting along with a time delay for when you want it to reset after it completes.

For example:

reset_on_complete: 500ms


Single value, type: one of the following options: none, basic, full. Default: basic

Log level for the console log for this device.


Single value, type: boolean (true/false). Default: false

See the documentation on the debug setting for details.


Single value, type: one of the following options: none, basic, full. Default: basic

Log level for the file log for this device.


Single value, type: string. Default: %

A descriptive name for this device which will show up in the service menu and reports.


List of one (or more) values, each is a type: string. Defaults to empty.

Special / reserved tags for drop target banks: None

See the documentation on tags for details.

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