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MPFChildPool is a Godot Node class provided by the MPF-GMC extension. It selects one of its children to be displayed when its added to the scene tree, and optionally calls a method on that child.

Child node selection can be done randomly or sequentially, and tracked globally or per-player.

To use a Child Pool, add the node to your scene and place child nodes inside it.

Children require show/hide methods

The display of the child nodes is managed by calling show() or hide() on the respective children. Every Godot Node2D, Node3D, and Control node has these methods built-in, but if you are using a custom class you must ensure that it has func show() and func hide() defined.

Node Configuration


Single value, type PlaybackMethod. Default: Random

This is how the child will be selected from the available children. Note that if the MPFChildPool only has one child, it will always be selected.


One of the children is chosen at random. The same child may be chosen multiple times in a row.

Random No Repeat

One of the children is chosen at random. The same child will not be chosen twice in a row.

Random Force All

One of the children is chosen at random. All children will be selected before any one is repeated, and the same child will not be chosen twice in a row.


The first child will be chosen first, then the second, et cetera. After all children have been chosen, it will loop back to the first.


Single value, type bool. Default false.

If checked, the children will be tracked on a per-player basis. The same child may be chosen twice in a row if two players get it randomly. Can be useful for Sequential pools where the children are ordered to correspond to game progression.


Single value, type bool. Default false.

If checked, the pool will reset its state at the end of the game and any sequences and previously-chosen random choices will be reset.


Single value, type String. Default None

The name of a method on the child node to call when it becomes active. Can be used to initialize nodes or begin video playback (e.g. "play" if the child is a VideoStreamPlayer).

Will only be called for the selected child when it enters the scene tree.


Single value, type bool. Default false

If checked, the selected child node's child_method will be called when the scene is loaded into the editor. Can be helpful when the child has a dynamic layout, but can be annoying when the child plays a video.

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