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Text Templates

Text templates can contain python format strings to show text placeholder.

This is an example which will show the player 1 score of the previous game as number:

Player 1 score: {machine.player1_score:d}

Current score (during a game only):

Score {current_player.score:d}

Any variable needs to be enclosed in {}. Either you can use {variable} or {variable:format_string}. Any python format string will work here.

Common format strings

Assuming variable has a value of 1337.

Alignment and Padding

Left aligned and padded to 10 characters:



"1337      "

Right aligned and padded to 10 characters with zeros:




Centered and padded to 10 characters with spaces:



"   1337   "

Number as float (2 decimals):



" 1337.00"

Number as integer:



" 1337"

Truncating long strings

Centered and padded to 10 characters with spaces:




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