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Using "modes" to implement game logic

One thing I found is that I tend to use modes as a sort of "super" logic block. For example, the Brooks & Dunn rules have a "manager's choice" shot that leads to a ball device. When the shot is lit, one of three things happens depending on what else is going on (one for base game mode, another for when multiball is active, and a third which is a timed mode). The shot may be lit or unlit in any of those three scenarios, and the action I'm talking about should only happen when it's lit, otherwise it just scores some points and kicks out the ball.

I realized pretty quickly that the easiest way to handle this is to create a mode called "managers_choice_lit" which is used to light the shot regardless of what else is happening. When that mode starts, it enables the shot, turns on the light, shows a slide that says the shot is lit, etc. I created a start event "light_managers_choice" which is easy to post from wherever else I need in the game to light the shot.

Then in order to handle the various chains of events that happen when that shot is actually made, I created three more modes:

  • managers_choice_base (priority 301)
  • managers_choice_timed (priority 302)
  • managers_choice_multiball (priority 303)

Each of these modes looks for the "managers_choice_lit" hit (shot) event and then will do their award thing. What's cool is they also each block the shot from the lower down modes. This means that these shots can be stacked and running in any various combination.

So the managers_choice_base mode is running at all times (with a start event of ball_starting). That's safe to run because it doesn't do its award action unless the managers choice lit hit event happens, and that shot is enabled in the managers_choice_hit mode. In other words, managers_choice_base mode can be running at all times, but it will only award the shot if the managers_choice_lit mode is running.

Then if managers_choice_timed or managers_choice_multiball is running, they also do their award thing based on the managers_choice lit hit shot event, so they also can run any time but will not award the shot unless the managers_choice_lit mode is running.

And since those two higher modes block the shot from lower modes, this means that I don't need complicated if/then logic to figure out which of the three award options should be awarded when the shot is lit and hit.

And since the managers_choice_hit mode acts as an on/off switch for whether the shot will be awarded, this means that I can safely start the managers_choice_timed mode any time any other timed mode is running, and I can start the managers_choice_multiball mode anytime multiball play is going on, and they'll each only do their award if the base managers_choice_lit is running and the shot is made.

We documented the general approach to design a game in the Game Design section.

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