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Game End Modes

After the last ball of the last player ended (and all modes which blocked ball ending ended) the game ending sequence will run. A few modes typically exist which delay game ending and are built-in to MPF.

If you want to implement your own game end mode use this template:

##! mode: custom_high_score
  start_events: game_ending     # start on game ending process
  use_wait_queue: true          # delay ball ending
  game_mode: false              # the game is no longer running at this point
  priority: 500                 # determines the order of game end modes
  stop_events: stop_my_mode     # post this event to stop the mode and continue the game ending process

This example will block the game ending process until you post stop_my_mode in your config or stop the mode from code.

Start Mode After Last Ball of Every Player

Alternatively, you can use Queue Relay player to achieve the same as above. In this example we start a mode after the last ball of every player (but you can also use game_ending as above). Put this into your base mode to start your custom mode on the end of ball three (or remove the condition to start if after every ball):

##! mode: base
    post: start_your_mode
    wait_for: mode_your_mode_stopped

Ending the Game by Long-Pressing Start

See /game_logic/match_mode/index.

High Score Mode

Allow players to enter their initials on high score. See High Scores for details.

Match Mode

Evaluates a match with the end of the player score. Typically awards a credit on match, See Match Mode for details.

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