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Power Management in Software

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MPF will try to prevent concurrent pulses on the same power supply unit to reduce the maximum current draw. This is important for certain switching power supplies since they might just shutdown on over current. However, MPF will not mess with any timing critical things such as slings, pops or flippers as they are controlled by hardware rules. Instead MPF will delay resets of drop target, ejects of ball devices or advancing of score reels for up to a few milliseconds (configurable). You won't notice this in your machine but it makes eject power much more consistent and drop target resets more reliable. Without this kind of magic most score reels won't work at all because if you pulse 15 coils at once none of them will move.

By default MPF assumes that you have only one single power supply unit for all your coils. If this is not true you can configure multiple PSUs and assign them to coils:

  default:  # this is configured by default
    voltage: 48
    voltage: 12

    psu: psu_12v
    psu: psu_12v
    psu: psu_12v
    psu: psu_12v

This way MPF will sequentialize those coils independently from your coils on the other PSU.

To give your PSU some breathing room MPF will apply some spacing between two pulses. This can be configured using release_wait_ms:

    voltage: 48
    release_wait_ms: 50    # defaults to 10ms

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