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First timer's guide to editing MPF documentation

Hey! You found something that is not documented yet, or that needs to be updated. What a great opportunity to help us improve the documentation!

It can sound scary to contribute to the documentation, but it's pretty easy, AND you can feel good that you're "giving back" to the MPF project and the larger pinball maker community.

Don't worry! We have a practice webpage you can try editing to get the hang of it without worrying about breaking anything. (It's the Welcome Wall!)

Also, whenever you make a change and submit it, the maintainers of MPF will review it before it goes live. So you can't accidentally delete the entire site or anything like that. :) Also, you'll have a chance to continue to update and edit your changes before they go live. So there's no reason to be afraid to contribute!

We have a whole guide to get you started: How to contribute to MPF Docs.

Something missing or wrong? You can fix it!

This website is edited by people like you! Is something wrong or missing? Is something out of date, or can you explain it better?

Please help us! You can fix it yourself and be an official "open source" contributor!

It's easy! See our Beginner's guide to editing the docs.

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