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Removed in 0.50.

In most cases flashers can be configured as coils. You can use coil_player to pulse/flash them. Alternatively, you can configure them as lights and use light_player or flasher_player to control them.

Here is an example:

# configure the flasher as coil
    number: 4                    # this number depends on your hardware
    default_pulse_ms: 40         # pulse duration to use if no specified elsewhere
    max_hold_power: 1.0          # needed if you want to use flasher and light_player
# you can flash the flasher using flasher player
      action: pulse              # will use the default 40ms pulse
# create a light which is backed by a coil (optional if you want to use light_player and flasher_player)
    number: flasher_01           # name of your coil
    platform: drivers            # use a coil
# use the light to flash the flasher
    flasher_01: 100ms

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