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Bonus Mode Configuration

With MPF 0.80 the bonus configuration is consolidated and simplified, providing a single bonus_entry event for all bonus-related information.

The bonus.yaml config spec has changed slightly as well, but is quick to migrate.

Summary of Changes from MPF 0.57:

  • Individual bonus events are gone: all bonus events are now the bonus_entry event
  • event: config is now entry
  • text: config option (new) for display text

Creating Bonus Entries

In your bonus.yaml config file, create a mode_settings: section with a subsection bonus_entries:. Each bonus entry will be a list item under bonus_entries:, like so:

        - entry: loops_completed
          text: "Ranger Loops"
          player_score_entry: ranger_loops_count
          score: 10_000
        - entry: songs_completed
          text: "Songs Sung"
          player_score_entry: total_songs
          score: 5_000

mode_settings Config Reference


Single value, type String. Required.

A key for the bonus entry that will be posted as part of the event. Any unique name will do except for the reserved values subtotal, multiplier, and total.


Single value, type boolean. Default false.

If true, the player_score_entry player variable will be reset to zero after the bonus is awarded. Useful for awarding bonuses based on per-ball accomplishments.


Single value, type integer. Required. Dynamic values supported.

The number of points scored for this bonus entry. If player_score_entry is provided, this number of points will be multiplied by the player score entry to calculate the full score of this bonus entry.


Single value, type boolean. Default true

If true, this bonus entry will not be posted if the calculated bonus score is zero.


Single value, type boolean. Default false

If true, this bonus entry will not be posted if the calculated bonus score is less than zero.


Single value, type string. Default None

A text string to be passed with the bonus_entry event that describes the bonus being awarded.


Single value, type string. Default None

A player variable that will be multiplied by the score for this bonus entry's point award. In other words, the player will receive a bonus score amount for every player_score_entry they have.

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