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How to configure MPF for FAST Pinball hardware

This section is maintained by the hardware maker

This section of the MPF website is about a specific company's pinball controller hardware, and they are responsible for maintaining the content here.

Of course feel free to edit, add, and/or correct things if you want, but if something seems weird, reach out to the hardware maker, not the MPF maintainers. ;)

FAST Pinball maintains their own documentation on detailing how to use MPF with FAST, which also includes all the latest documentation for the newest FAST Pinball hardware. Check it out at the source:

Classic FAST Nano Controller MPF 0.56.0 and older

If you're using a FAST Nano Controller, along with MPF 0.56.0 or older, then the documentation on this site still applies to you. For anything newer, check out the latest documentation on the FAST Pinball website.

Here's a list of all the How To guides which explain how to use MPF with FAST Pinball hardware. These guides include the numbering format (how you map specific entries in your config files to board and connector locations) as well as overall settings that affect how your FAST hardware performs. (Watch dogs, update speeds, etc.)

Video about FAST:

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