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End of Ball Bonus

MPF contains a built-in end of ball bonus mode which you can use to calculate and display a player's bonus score when they drain a ball.

The built-in bonus mode can manage bonus scoring, multipliers, awarding points based on any player variables, and other "standard" things. You can also extend and enhance it if you have specific requirements that aren't covered by the built-in mode.

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Overview of Bonus Mode

The built-in bonus mode will automatically handle the following steps when it is enabled:

  • Pause the game when the ball ends in order to show the bonus awards
  • Calculate the score for each bonus entry in the bonus_entries: list
  • Post an event for each bonus entry with a delay between each event
  • Skip events for bonus entries with a zero score (by default, can be overridden)
  • Post an event for the subtotal of all bonuses awarded
  • Post an event for a total bonus multiplier (if present)
  • Post an event for the total of all bonuses awarded
  • Add the total bonus award to the player's score
  • Start the next ball after all bonuses have been awarded

See the How to Configure End of Ball Bonus guide for instructions on enabling bonus mode.

Calculating Points for Bonus Awards

Each award entry will calculate a bonus score based on the score value of the entry. If provided, the player_score_entry value will be multiplied by the score. This makes it very easy to award, for example, 200 points for every time the player captured a castle (tracked by the player variable "castles_captured").

##! mode: bonus
    - event: bonus_castles
      score: 200
      player_score_entry: castles_captured

For advanced score calculation, the score value can utilize all of MPF's dynamic and placeholder variables.

##! mode: bonus
    - event: bonus_minerals
      score: (current_player.platinum + current_player.iridium) / 100
    - event: bonus_dropbanks
      score: device.counters.dropbank_completions.value * 20

The calculated score is included in the posted event for displaying on a slide, and the score is automatically added to the current player's score value.

Showing Slides for Bonus Awards

Each award in the bonus_entries: setting requires an event value, which is the name of the event that MPF will post when that award is calculated. You can use these events to show slides, play sounds, and anything else. The events will post sequentially at the interval specified by the display_delay_ms setting.

After all awards in the entries list have been posted, a final bonus_total event will post with the total amount awarded as bonus. This event can be used to show a final slide.

#! slides:
#!   bonus_start_slide: []
#!   bonus_minerals_slide: []
#!   bonus_dropbanks_slide: []
#!   bonus_total_slide: []
  mode_bonus_started: bonus_start_slide
  bonus_minerals: bonus_minerals_slide
  bonus_dropbanks: bonus_dropbanks_slide
  bonus_total: bonus_total_slide

Bonus Multipliers

If the player has a variable called bonus_multiplier with a value other than 1, MPF will add two more events between the entries and the total. First it will post bonus_subtotal with an argument score, which is the sum of all entry awards. Then it will post bonus_multiplier with an argument multiplier, which is the value of the player's bonus multiplier. The resulting bonus_total event value (and the amount added to the player's score) is the bonus subtotal multiplied by the bonus multiplier.

If the player does not have a bonus_multiplier value or if this value is 1, these events will not post and the bonus total will be the subtotal.

Additional Configuration

The bonus mode can be configured with more options, including:

  • Reset player variables and/or multipliers after bonuses are awarded
  • Show bonus scores for entries that awarded zero points
  • "Hurry up" the bonus mode based on a triggering event (e.g. flipper_cancel)
  • After awarding all bonuses, wait for an event before ending the mode

All these options are detailed in the bonus (mode_settings:) documentation.

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