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How to use MPF with the LISY platform

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MPF can directly control Gottlieb System 1 or System 80 machines via the LISY1 or LISY80 controller boards (with firmware 4.02+). Additionally, LISY35 can control Bally and Stern Games manufactured from 1977 to 1985 with MPU AS-2518-17 or AS-2518-35.


For general installation instruction and some background information on the LISY hardware platform, visit

There are two ways this can be done:

a. Run MPF on a standalone PC which connects to the LISY hardware operating in "slave" mode via Ethernet, WiFi, or serial. This is generally recommended during development since it's easier to work on your MPF config using your own computer. You can also use this configuration if you want to add an LCD or DMD to the older Gottlieb machine. b. Run MPF on the LISY hardware directly ("master" mode). (Technically MPF is running on the LISY controller's Raspberry Pi Zero.) This option is nice when your game is finished and you no longer want to connect a PC. Note that the Raspberry Pi on the LISY is not powerful enough to run the MPF media controller, so this option is really only valid for simpler, segment display type games. If you want to run a full LCD or DMD, then just run MPF on a separate computer (which can still be small and inside your machine) and connect to the LISY controller via Option (a) above.

See the following image for an architecture overview:


LISY can controll all features of your Gottlieb System1/80 machine. This includes:

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