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Up-Down Ramps

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Some machines have ramps which can be moved up and down. Those mechanism typically act as a diverter and should be configured as such.



Up-Down ramps either work with one coil or two coils. Single-coil ramps use the coil to move the ramp up or down temporarily Typically, they use a spring or gravity to move it back, However, since the coil has to stay energized those ramps can only be active for a short amount of time. Two-coil ramps only pulse one coil to move the ramp up or down. This poses the advantage that the ramp stays at one position without energizing a coil. However, this adds complexity (and a second coil) and is only used if the ramp has to stay at both positions for extended periods of time.

Some part numbers:

  • Getaway: B-12576 assembly
  • RFM: A-22989
  • Apollo 13: #500-6044-00-44 assembly
  • Golden Eye: #515-6494-00


Up-Down ramps are configured like a normal diverter:

#! coils:
#!   c_ramp1_up:
#!     number:
#!   c_ramp2_up:
#!     number:
#!   c_ramp2_down:
#!     number:
    activation_coil: c_ramp1_up
    type: hold
    activation_coil: c_ramp2_up
    deactivation_coil: c_ramp2_down
    type: pulse

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