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Trinamic's StepRocker

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Connect the StepRocker to USB and MPF can control any steppers connected to it.

TODO: Add a picture of a StepRocker

This is an example:

  platform: virtual
  stepper_controllers: trinamics_steprocker

  port: /dev/ttyACM0

    # Scenario: 1.8 degree stepper attached to a 7:1 gear ratio with homing flag that you want to control in units of revolutions
    number: 0
    homing_direction: clockwise        # when facing the shaft
    homing_mode: hardware
    reset_position: 0
    reset_events: test_reset
      0.0: test_00
      0.6: test_01
      1.0: test_10
      move_current: 25                      # percent
      hold_current: 5                       # percent
      homing_speed: 0.1                     # user units/sec
      microstep_per_fullstep: 16            # 1/16 mode (1 step = 1/16 of a full step)
      fullstep_per_userunit: 1400           # UU=1 Revolution = 200 full steps per rev (1.8 deg stepper) * 7 gear ratio
      velocity_limit: 0.5                   # user units/sec   (so, 0.8 RPS of output gear )
      acceleration_limit: 2.0               # user units/sec^2  (so, 2 RPS^S of output gear)

Overview video about steppers:

What if it did not work?

Have a look at our hardware troubleshooting guide.

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