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Ball End Sequence

This sequence starts with a ball live and in play and ends when the ball drains and the ball is over.

  1. The ball enters a ball device device tagged with drain.

  2. The ball controller's _ball_drained_handler() method responds to the ball having entered a device tagged with drain.

  3. It posts a relay event called ball_drain, along with the number of balls that just drained.

    1. Various modules can hook event this to "remove" a ball from the ball_drain event so it doesn't count as a drain. (For example, ball save.)
  4. The game mode's ball_drained() method is registered as a handler for the ball_drain event.

  5. It subtracts the number of balls that just drained from its balls_in_play count.

  6. If the balls_in_play count was a positive number and goes to zero, the game mode's ball_ending() method is called.

  7. The game mode posts the queue event ball_ending.

  8. Once that event is done, the game mode's _ball_ending_done() method is called.

  9. The event ball_ended is posted.

  10. The game mode's ball_ended() method is called.

    1. If the player has any extra balls, the game mode's shoot_again() method is called.
    2. If the player is the last player, and the ball is the last ball, the game mode's game_ending() method is called.
  11. Otherwise the game mode's player_rotate() method is called.

  12. The game mode's player_turn_start() method is called.

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