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MPFDisplay is a Godot Node class provided by the MPF-GMC extension. Each unique display (monitor screen) should have its own display, though it is also possible to subdivide a single monitor into multiple displays.

Node Configuration

All MPFDisplay instances must be first-level child nodes of the main MPFWindow root. The name of the MPFDisplay node is the name that can be used in MPF configs as the target: value when targeting a slide or widget to a specific display.


The Godot Editor Inspector panel provides the following parameters for the MPFDisplay node:


Single value, type: bool. Default false

If enabled, this display will render an empty screen if all slides are removed. If disabled (default), this display will persist the current slide even after its removal has been requested, until a new slide is triggered.

This is useful for situations where the game is shifting from one mode to another, and the running mode stops before the new mode starts. The ending mode's clear event will trigger the slide to be removed some fraction of a second before the starting mode's mode_(name)_started event triggers the new slide to be shown.

That scenario would result in a brief flash of a blank display, which is not desirable for most users. By disabling allow_empty, the outgoing slide will remain in the display until the next one replaces it.


Single value, type: bool. Default: false

When the MPF slide_player is called to play a slide without an explicit target:, the default display will be targeted.

The is_default checkbox sets its MPFDisplay node to be the default display for the window. Only one display can be set to default, otherwise an error will be thrown. If no display is set to default, the first child MPFDisplay node of the MPFWindow node will be the default.


Single value, type: Scene. Default: addons/mpf-gmc/slides/startup.tscn

When GMC first boots, each MPFDisplay will render an initial slide while awaiting the connection to MPF. This slide can be customized with logos, images, and informational text.

Each MPFDisplay can have its own initial slide, or they can use the same. GMC includes a simple default slide to start with, but you can link any slide from your project to be the initial slide for the display.


MPFDisplay does not have any public methods exposed.

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