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mpf both (command-line utility)

Starts both the MPF game engine and the MPF Media Controller from a single command window with a single command. This is effectively the same as running both mpf game and mpf mc, but more convenient.

When you run mpf both, the console log outputs from both MPF and MPF-MC will be mingled together in the console window. However the log files in your machine's /logs folder will still be separate.

Also note that you can pass command line options to both MPF and MPF-MC after the "both" command, like this:

mpf both -v

mpf both -v -V -b

etc. See the mc and mpf mc (command-line utility) command references for a full list of command line options.

To quit MPF and MPF-MC, either click in the graphical pop up window (so it has focus) and hit Esc, or click in the console window and press CTRL+C.


If you use the -l (lowercase L) option to specify a log file along with mpf both, you need to use -l to specify the MPF log and -L to specify the MC log.

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