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Understanding the #config_version setting

Since MPF is mainly "programmed" with YAML-based config files, we need a way for MPF to know that the config file(s) it's loading are compatible with the version of MPF that's running.

This is specified in the very first line of a config file (in both the machine-wide configs and mode config files). You specify the config version with a list that starts with a hash sign, like this:


In YAML, lines that start with # are ignored, which means the YAML processor skips this line, but MPF uses it to make sure the config file it's trying to load will work with that version of MPF.

Not every new version of MPF changes the config_version number. If we release a new version of MPF that does not have a new config_version number, then you can use the new version of MPF without needing to make any changes to your config files.

Updating your config files to the latest version

MPF includes a config file migration tool that can automatically migrate your config files to the latest version.

Which versions of MPF require which config_versions?

  • MPF 0.57+: #config_version=6
  • MPF 0.50-0.56: #config_version=5
  • MPF 0.30-0.33: #config_version=4
  • MPF 0.20-0.21: #config_version=3
  • MPF 0.19: #config_version=2
  • MPF 0.17-0.18: #config_version=1
  • MPF 0.1-0.16: config_version not used (a.k.a. config version 0)

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