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Start, Tournament and Launcher Buttons

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Probably all pinball machines have a start button which will start the game once you press it and there are enough credits. Furthermore, machines have either a mechanical plunger or a launcher button which will shoot the ball from the launcher. Additionally, some machines have tournament buttons to start a tournament.



Those buttons usually come with a micro switch and a #555 bulb. You can connect the switches to any direct input on your controller or put them into your switch matrix (with an additional diode). The LED is rated at 6.3V which works fine at either 5V or in a lamp matrix at 12V (the latter commonly used).


To configure your start button you can use this config:

    number: 3           # number depends on your platform
    subtype: matrix     # depends on your platform
    number: 23          # number depends on your platform
    tags: start

The tag start will hook the button into your game. See Tutorial step 9. Add the start button for details. You might want to integrate the button into your attract light show.

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