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MPF uses "achievements" to track major goals that a player must achieve throughout the progression of a game. Achievements typically have an associated light or LED on the playfield (though not always), and they're tracked separately per player.

The biggest use for achievements is for modes, where you have a bunch of modes in a machine which each have a light, and as you complete the modes, the light turns on. (In many cases the lights/LEDs associated with achievements have multiple states, for example, they're "off" when not complete, "flashing" when active, "on" when complete, etc.)

Here are some examples from real machines that would map to "achievements" in MPF:

  • Attack from Mars:

    • The countries (France, Germany, Italy, England, USA)
    • The Capture inserts (Capture 1, Capture 2, Capture 3)
    • The Big -O- Beam inserts (1, 2, and 3)
    • The Atomic Blaster inserts (1, 2, and 3)
    • The Blue circles to Rule The Universe (Super Jackpot, Super Jets, Martian Attack Multiball, Total Annihilation, Conquer Mars, and 5-way Combo)
  • Indiana Jones


( The string name of the state this achievement is in. Options will be one of the following)

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