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This is a config file reference. Click for instructions.

This page is reference material which explains every setting and option for this section of an MPF yaml config file. See the instructions for config files for formatting and other details. See our guide to config file examples for more examples of real configs in action.

Valid in
machine config files YES ✅
mode config files YES ✅

The assets: section of a config file lets you configure the default settings for different types of assets based on what folder those assets are in. Any settings you specify here are just the defaults, though, and you can still override the defaults for an individual asset by adding an entry for it to your machine or mode config file.

Let's take a look at an example:

      load: preload
      load: preload
      load: on_demand
      some_key: some_value
      something_else: whatever

The above config contains the asset settings for image assets. Notice there are 4 entries under images:: default, preload, on_demand, and potato. Those names represent sub-folders that could contain image assets.

Then under each of those, there are one or more key/value pairs. These key/value pairs are applied to assets located in the sub-folders above.


Although you can create sub-folders nested as many levels deep as you wish, only the top-level sub-folder can be listed in the assets section. Any assets in sub-folders below the top level will inherit the settings from their top-level sub-folder parent.

The default entry is special, as it applies to the root folder as well as any assets that are in folders that are not specified here.

Consider the following files & folders in a machine folder with the assets: section from above:


In this case, /your_machine/images/hello.jpg would have the default: settings applied, /your_machine/images/preload/special.jpg would have the load: preload key/value pair applied to it, /your_machine/images/potato/toppings/cheese.jpg would have the some_key: some_value and something_else: whatever key/value pairs applied to it, etc.

The assets: section of the config file doesn't really care what the key/value pairs are. They're just the defaults for the assets in those folders, and if they're not valid settings then MPF will give you an error. (Note that different types of assets have different settings options and different keys & values that are correct.)

Currently MPF supports four kinds of assets. Click on each to go to that asset type's description in the config file reference which will explain what settings and be used and what the options are.

Asset types include:

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