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title: CFE-DeviceManager-3: Device does not have a valid config. Expected a dictionary.

This error occurs when MPF expects a dictionary in a config of a device but found something else.


For instance, the settings of a switch are a dictionary (switches -> s_flipper_left).

    number: 1
    label: My Left Flipper

Common Pitfalls

Forgetting the Device Name

This error usually occurs when you omit the device name. For example if you omit s_flipper_left this would look like this:

  number: 1
  label: My Left Flipper

Here MPF would see two switches with the names number and label. Each of them has an invalid config (just a single value but not a dictionary).

YAML Formatting Issues

See CFE-ConfigValidator-12: Item is not a dict for more general common pitfalls.

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Have a look at our CFE-ConfigValidator-12 section. It might give you some hints for certain classes of problems.

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