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GMC Configuration File

The gmc.cfg configuration file in your Godot project root contains options for customizing GMC behavior. It uses INI formatting and its supported features are documented here.


The filter section configures a shader for the GMC window, applying effects universally to all displays.

Full documentation can be found on the Window Effects Filters guide.



The gmc section overrides the core GMC scripts for advanced customization of the GMC itself. Only for advanced users.

Full documentation can be found on the Advanced Custom Code guide.



The keyboard section maps key inputs to switches and events for simulating MPF behavior during development.

Full documentation can be found on the Keyboard Setup guide.

    1=["switch", "s_switch_1"]
    enter=["switch", "s_start_button"]
    6=["switch", "s_drop_1", "active"]
    shift+6=["switch", "s_drop_1", "inactive"]
    x=["switch", "s_trough_6", "toggle"]
    m=["event", "start_mode_multiball"]


The settings section is where general customization options are defined.



Single value, type String. Default None

In addition to mode subfolders, GMC will look for slides, widgets, and sounds in those respective folders in the Godot project root (e.g. /sounds, /slides).

You may wish to consolidate your content in a common subfolder rather than the project root. You can define a content root folder here, which will be prepended to the individual content folders (e.g. /content/sounds, /content/slides).


The sound system section defines playback properties of the Audio Buses defined in your Godot project.

    music={"type": "solo"}
    effects={"type": "simultaneous", "simultaneous_sounds": 3, "default": true}
    voice={"type": "sequential"}


Single value, type bool. Default false

One audio bus is allowed to be set as default, and any sound playback trigger that does not include a value for bus: will play on this bus.


Single value, type int. Default None

The maximum number of sounds that can be played concurrently in a simultaneous-type bus. If this limit is reached, subsequent sound calls will be dropped (i.e. they are not queued).


Single value, type String. One of "solo", "sequential", "simultaneous"

The type of playback sequencing to use. Solo only allows one track at a time and will replace a current track with a new one. Sequential allows one track at a time and queues subsequent tracks to play sequentially as the previous one finishes. Simultaneous allows multiple tracks to be played concurrently.

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