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Track player

The track player is a config player that's used to control audio tracks when MPF events are received. Tracks can be stopped, paused, or played with an optional fade time. The volume of a track can also be changed with an optional fade time. Finally, all sounds currently playing on a track can be stopped (again with an optional fade out time). (This player is part of the MPF media controller and only available if you're using MPF-MC for your media controller.)

Usage in config files

In config files, the track player is used via the track_player: section. Event names that will trigger track actions are nested sub-headings and track names are listed as nested sub-headings below that. __all__ can be used in place of a track name to apply the action to all audio tracks in the sound system.


      action: pause
      fade: 1 sec
      action: play
      action: stop_all_sounds
      fade: 0.5 sec

Usage in shows

In shows, the track player is used via the tracks: section of a step.


    - time: 0
          action: set_volume
          volume: 0.3
          fade: 0.25 sec
    - time: 3.5
          action: set_volume
          volume: 0.5
          fade: 0.25 sec

Config Options

Additional information may be found in the track_player configuration reference documentation.

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