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Godot Media Controller

The Godot MC is a next-generation media controller for MPF, providing complete integration with MPF with all the robust functionality of the Godot game engine. It is a replacement for the legacy MPF-MC and currently in early-access development.

Why use Godot?

  • Readily downloadable binaries for all platforms. No more pip installations, Kivy bugs, gstreamer/sdl library issues, and all the other installation pains. Just download Godot and you're ready to go.
  • Visual editing of slides, with a drag-and-drop GUI, realtime feedback, and reusable components
  • Fully scriptable! Just like custom code for MPF, this new MC will allow custom code directly in the slides
  • Well documented: the full knowledge base of Godot tutorials, guides, and forums
  • Performant: Godot is already engineered to perform on a wide range of devices, and customizable builds can pare down to only the bare requirements you need for your game.

Ready to give GMC a try? Visit the GMC Installation Instructions to get started!

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