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Ball End Modes

Certain modes typically run on game end. MPF has a lot of built-in modes for this purpose. You can omit any of them or replace them with your own mode.

Ball end modes delay the ball ending process. If you want your own mode to delay the ball ending process you can start the with the following config:

##! mode: custom_bonus
  start_events: ball_ending     # start on ball ending process
  use_wait_queue: true          # delay ball ending
  priority: 500                 # determines the order of ball end modes
  stop_events: stop_my_mode     # post this event to stop the mode and continue the ball ending process

Ball ending will be delayed until your mode stops so make sure that your mode ends eventually or the game will be stuck. In the example above your config need to post stop_my_mode or, if you are writing code, stop your mode in code.

Showing slides on mode end

See Ball Start and End Behavior.

Bonus Mode

Score multipliers and evaluate them into a bonus at the end of the ball. See End of Ball Bonus for details.

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