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title: CFE-ConfigValidator-1: Section not valid outside of game modes

CFE-ConfigValidator-1: Section not valid outside of game modes

This error occurs when MPF needs to reference player variables in a device but you defined the device in a non-game mode (i.e. with game_mode: false) such as the attract mode. Game modes will always end when the game ends. Non-game modes can run all the time but they should not access player variables as they do not exist outside of a game. Certain devices enforce the latter.


For instance, a counter can store its state in a player variable which is only possible in a game mode:

##! mode: my_game_mode
  start_events: ball_started
  stop_events: ball_stopped
  game_mode: true    # this is the default

    count_events: count_up
    persist_state: true

However, if you set persist_state: False in your counter it can also be used outside of a mode:

##! mode: attract
  game_mode: false

    count_events: count_up
    persist_state: false

Those settings are described in the config reference of your device.

Common Pitfalls


Variable player will by default use player variables. However, if you use action: add_machine or action: set_machine you can also use it to add/set machine variables which work in non-game modes.

Attract Mode

Attract mode only runs outside of a game so you cannot reference player here. However, you can use machine variables

Match Mode and High Score Mode

Those modes run at game end and are technically no longer game modes. Therefore, you cannot reference a player here. You might want to put your stuff into a custom mode which run at ball end (but not game end) instead (i.e. the bonus mode). Alternatively, you might want to use machine variables instead of player variables.

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