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Persisting the State of a Logic Block in a Player Variable

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Prior to MPF 0.50 the state of logic blocks has been persisted to player variables. This only longer holds true for player specific blocks (e.g. if you set persist_state to True). In that case the variable will be called (logic_block)_state. For example, a logic block called "logic_block_1" would store its state in a player variable called logic_block_1_state. When you do not want to persist the value you can reference it using device.counters.logic_block_1.value (also if you set it).

You can easily use this numerical value in a text widget to show the number of combos complete, or the number of pop bumper hits required for super jets, etc. This player variable "state" is different than the state of the logic block itself, which is an object with enabled, completed, and value attributes. Note the difference in accessing the logic block state as a dynamic value vs. placeholder text:

##! mode: my_mode
    count_events: count_up_event

  counter_logic_block_1_hit:  # this is triggered when the counter changes
    my_widget_placeholder: 100 * device.counters.logic_block_1.value
   # The logic block stores the count as the 'value' attribute
    - type: text
      text: (my_widget_placeholder) Hits!
  # This placeholder is set by variable_player when the counter changes
#! widget_player:
#!   show_widget_event: counter_widget
##! test
#! start_game
#! start_mode my_mode
#! post show_widget_event
#! post count_up_event
#! advance_time_and_run .1
#! assert_text_on_top_slide "100 Hits!"

In this example we persist the value of the counter in the player variable counter_hit to use it in a slide.


The player variable is only saved if the logic block is configured with persist_state: True. If persist_state is False, the logic block value will _not be saved under any variable name (not even the default).

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