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Tutorial 11: Add the rest of your coils and switches

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It's been awhile since this tutorial has been updated. If you find anything that is no longer relevant, please let us know, or better yet, edit or update it yourself!

Okay, so at this point you have a working game. The biggest problem you might run into is that if you shoot your ball into a playfield device like a VUK or popper, the ball will get stuck. Why? Because you haven't yet added the switches to your config file while let MPF know that a ball is there, and you haven't added the coils which MPF needs to fire to eject a ball. So MPF literally has no idea that those switches and coils even exist, which means it has no ability to detect a ball entering a device and to eject it. So when we're building a config for a new game, at this point we go through our config and add all the remaining switches and coils to and switches: and coils: sections of the config file.

1. Add the rest of your switches

This step is pretty simple. If you building a config for an existing machine, we usually use the operators manual as our starting point and just move down the list and add all the switches as they're listed in there. We don't worry about tags at this point except for playfield_active tag. We add this tag to any switch the ball can hit when it's active and rolling around on the playfield. (So this is going to be your lanes, slingshots, pop bumpers, ramp entry & exit switches, rollovers, stand up targets, and anything else the ball can hit when it's in motion. The tricky thing is that you do not add a playfield_active tag to switches in other ball devices (drop_targets, kickbacks, troughs or the shooter lane). For example, if you have a hole in the playfield that the ball rolls into which requires a coil pulse to kick it out of -- that is not a playfield switch (since when the ball is in that hole, it's not actively rolling around the playfield). We'll actually set that switch up as a part of a ball device in a later step.

2. Add the rest of your coils

Next add entries for the rest of your coils, again using the operators manual as a guide if you're building a config for an existing machine. You don't have to worry about pulse times at this point---just get the coils added.

Check out the complete config.yaml file so far

If you want to see a complete config.yaml file up to this point, it's in the mpf-examples/tutorial/step_11 folder.

You can run this file directly by switching to that folder and then running the following command:

C:\mpf-examples\tutorial>mpf both -X

Note that starting with this step, the actual coil, switch, and ball_device names don't 100% match with what we have in the tutorial. This shows you that there are lots of different options when it comes to naming things.

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