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Tilt is a built-in mode. To enable it, just add the tilt mode to your machine config list of modes. Additionally, add the tilt_warning tag to your tilt bob switch and the slam_tilt to your slam tilt switch. Tilt runs at all times, since the machine has to look for slam tilts while games are not running.

The tilt mode contains three logic paths:

  • Slam tilt (slam_tilt)
  • Instant tilt (tilt)
  • Tilt warnings (tilt_warning)

You can provide a switch tag or list events for each of them. Let us go over all of them quickly:

The slam tilt is usually triggered by the slam tilt switch at the coin door. It clears all credits and ends the current game.

The normal tilt is usually triggered by a tilt bob switch. It will give warnings_to_tilt warnings until it ends the current ball. The remaining warnings are reset by the reset_warnings_events events. By default they are reset on ball end but you can also change it to game end. The warnings count is stored in the player variable configured in tilt_warnings_player_var (which defaults to tilt_warnings) and you can mess with them using overwrite_tilt_slides if you like.

Instant tilt is rarely used in normal machines but it might be useful for custom tilt logic or special modes.

Minimal config

The minimal example is to just load the default tilt mode:

  - tilt

Change defaults

If you want to customize the mode you can also create a tilt mode inside your mode folder (config would be in modes/tilt/config/tilt.yaml):

# in your machine config
  - tilt
##! mode: tilt
# in your tilt mode
tilt:    # the following are the defaults only copy those if you want to change them
  multiple_hit_window: 300ms
  settle_time: 5s
  warnings_to_tilt: 3

Add operator settings to service mode

# in your machine config
  - tilt
    label: Number of tilt warnings
      0: "no warnings"
      1: "1"
      2: "2"
      3: "3"
      5: "5"
      10: "10"
    default: 3
    key_type: int
    sort: 600
    label: Time to wait on tilt to settle bob
      3000: "3s"
      5000: "5s"
      10000: "10s"
    default: 5000
    key_type: int
    sort: 610
    label: Tilt sensitivity
      150: "sensitive"
      300: "normal"
      500: "insensitive"
      1000: "very insensitive"
    default: 300
    key_type: int
    sort: 620
##! mode: tilt
# in your tilt mode
  multiple_hit_window: settings.multiple_hit_window
  settle_time: settings.settle_time
  warnings_to_tilt: settings.warnings_to_tilt

The tilt modes contains default slides but you can change them.

Monitorable Properties

For dynamic values and conditional events, the prefix for ball devices is mode.tilt.<name>.


: Milliseconds until the tilt bob is considered settled.


: Remaining warnings until the game is tilted.

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