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Quickstart guide to MPF 0.80 and GMC

This is for people who know what they're doing. If you're lost, check out our full installation guides.

Quickstart for GMC

  1. Download the Godot Editor from

  2. Download the latest GMC release from (under Assets > Source code).

  3. Open the Godot Editor and create a new Project in a new folder of your choosing. This will be the project folder for your MPF machine code as well, so if you already have an MPF project choose that folder instead.

  4. Extract the GMC download and copy the addons folder into your project folder.

  5. In the Godot Editor, go to Project Settings > Plugins and check the Enable box for Godot MC. (Godot will show lots of errors during this step and the next, ignore them).

  6. In the Godot Editor Project Settings > Autoload select the folder to add a new Autoload and choose the file addons/mpf-gmc/ Set the Node name to MPF (all caps) and press Add.

  7. Save your Godot project and then in the editor menu select Project > Reload Current Project.

Quickstart for MPF

  1. MPF requires Python 3.8 - 3.12. Validate that you have a supported version of Python with python3 --version.

  2. Create a virtual environment for mpf. In your home folder (or virtual environments folder) type python3 -m venv mpf

  3. Activate your virtual environment: source mpf/bin/activate (on Mac/Linux) or mpfenv/Scripts/Activate.ps1 (Windows PowerShell)

  4. Install MPF 0.80: pip install --pre mpf

  5. In your terminal, navigate to the project folder you created and initialize an MPF config file.

    (mpf) my_project_folder $> mkdir config
    (mpf) my_project_folder $> echo "#config_version=6" > config/config.yaml

Running the Game

  1. Press the play button in the top-right of the Godot Editor. When prompted to select a main scene, select addons/mpf-gmc/slides/window.tscn. You should see a window appear with the MPF logo and text reading "Waiting for MPF..."

  2. In your terminal, type mpf -xt

The Godot window should now say "Connected to MPF". Congratulations, you're running a pinball game!

You can now proceed to set up your GMC slides and start creating modes.

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