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Power Entry Board

This board can be used to fan out your power rails. See Voltages and Power in Pinball Machines for details.


The Multimorphic Power Filter board serves four purposes. 1. It serves as a central connection point for 230V/110V AC and all your PSUs using connectors J1, J2 or J3. 2. It provides a bank of capacitors to buffer current surges on the high voltage rail. 3. It provides safety relay control of the high voltage rail. 4. It connects the ground (negative) terminals of each of the power supplies to prevent a differential in ground levels between the coil supply and the logic supply which is a common cause of unstable operation.

The Multimorphic Power Entry Board allows connections for up to four DC rails:

  • 5V
  • 12V
  • 15V
  • High Voltage (HV)

You might use different voltages but the LEDs might operate outside the spec in this case (consult the manual).

DC Outputs are J11 to J17. DC Inputs are J6 to J9. J10 will turn on HV on the ouput. You should connect it to your door switch to cut high power when the door is opened. Make sure that J10 is closed during development or HV will be off.

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