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Grouping Shots for lane change, rotation, etc.

Related Config File Sections:

Example config for lane changing lights.

#! switches:
#!   lane_l:
#!     number:
#!   lane_a:
#!     number:
#!   lane_n:
#!     number:
#!   lane_e:
#!     number:
#!   upper_standup:
#!     number:
##! mode: inlanes
    switch: lane_l
      light: lane_l
    switch: lane_a
      light: lane_a
    switch: lane_n
      light: lane_n
    switch: lane_e
      light: lane_e
    shots: shot_l_outlane, shot_l_inlane, shot_r_inlane, shot_r_outlane
    rotate_left_events: s_flipper_left_active
    rotate_right_events: s_flipper_right_active
    reset_events: outlanes_profile_hit_lit_complete
    enable_events: ball_started
    disable_events: ball_ending

Monitorable Properties

For dynamic values and conditional events, the prefix for shot groups is device.shot_groups.(name).


: The name of the common state of all shots in the group. Will be None if there is no common state. State names depend on the profile of your shots (by default lit and unlit).

Shot Group Overview:

Shot Group:

We're creating a shot group called "outlanes", which contains 4 shots that we defined in our Shots: section of a mode.

Rotate events:

These will cycle the lights thru your shots, based on which flipper button is pressed in this case.


Describes an event that will cause this shot group to reset back to its original state.

Enable/Disable Events:

Describe events that will cause this shot group to be enabled/disabled, in this case we are using Ball_Started and Ball_Ending.

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