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title: Log-SwitchController-1: Received duplicate switch state for switch

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MPF expects to get only state changes from platforms. That is part of the platform interface contract. This warning indicates that the contract is violated (i.e. because MPF got a switch close but the switch has been closed before). This might indicate bugs in the platform firmware, our platform interface or the communication in between.

MPF handles this gracefully so there is no need to worry. It will just ignore the second hit and carry on.

There are conditions where you will see this. Our smart virtual platform will sometimes trigger this. Those are kind of bugs. Usually harmless but we will fix them if you report them.

Additionally, you can trigger those warnings if you use more than source of switch states at once for the same switch. That could be any two of a hardware platform, MPF monitor or keyboard mappings.

Lastly, the P-Roc is known for sending switches twice when using debounced switches. This has to do with its internal state machine and is usually harmless.

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