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How to configure Simple LEDs (Penny K Pinball)

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Up to 45 Simple LED lights are supported on Penny K Pinball PKONE Lightshow boards. Simple LED lights are single channel monochromatic LEDs most frequently used under colored inserts in the playfield or behind colored artwork behind a backglass.


When you're using PKONE Lightshow boards, simple LEDs plug into individual Lightshow boards. Then the Lightshow boards are connected together in a chain with other add-on boards (such as PKONE Extension boards) to the controller.


The number: setting for each simple LED is its board's Address ID number in the PKONE chain, then the dash, then the simple LED output number.

    number: 0-1    # Lightshow board with Address ID 0, simple LED 1
    subtype: simple
    number: 2-10    # Lightshow board with Address ID 2, simple LED 10
    subtype: simple


  • The PKONE Lightshow board Address ID switches can be set from 0 to 3.


Single value, type: string. Defaults to empty.

This value is used to distinguish between simple LEDs and WS281X RGB LEDs in the PKONE hardware system. This value must be set to simple when setting up simple LEDs (WS281X RGB LEDs use led as the subtype: value).

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